Alberta Inc. Services Food Service Kiosk

Food Service Kiosk

Alberta’s self-order Food Service Kiosk is a high impact money saver for businesses of every size. The Kiosk is helps you control cost, improve order accuracy, and time to check out by taking customer orders to eliminate traditional processes and human error. While taking accurate orders from the customers, our Kiosk displays additional items for sale. Our Kiosk has proven to increase in sales up to 15% without any additional sales effort while also reducing walk-away’s from the line, and increase single order processing speed.

Lesser mistakes = less food cost = more profit Labor cost reduced by system taking orders.
Less paper work at the end of day. (Can export sales to excel for data analysis)

Offering up-sales for every item in the kiosk system (add extra cheese, add extra meat, add pepperoni, add bacon) will lead to extra revenue. Every upsale screen is shown with pictures to increase impulse buying. Add a combo option at end of every to item to increase sales.

Your menu will be shown in categories with picture, enticing customers to view more choices. Kiosk system keeps the menu in categories, for
better organization. Offer more items than menu type with interactive flow. Create daily specials and promotions with automatic price adjustment function.
Example: Schedule an item for sale on first Wednesday of each month.

Eliminate customers from omitting extra items at checkout.
With customers ordering and seeing the prices, you can charge for all items on the sandwich.

  • Customer can order in system quickly.
  • Customers are getting exactly what they ordered.
  • Eliminate walk aways.
  • No pressure ordering
  • Complete confidence in every order.
  • They will know how much each order cost.
  • After ordering customers will browse store.

Menu categories and upsales are in color pics to entice customers to buy.
Get instant response from new items on screen.