Alberta Inc. Clever Portfolios Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants

Alberta’s POS is a perfect fit for Quick Service Restaurants. With our Food Service Kiosk, Digital Menu Board & Signage and Integrated Web Ordering App, you can keep up with the technology that your competition and other major franchises are offering, at a portion of the price. More than that, as former retail managers and owners, we understand the importance of keeping business moving with a quick and easy customer experience. Our Integrated Web Ordering App and Food Ordering Kiosk’s provide customers with all the conveniences they expect from a Quick Service restaurant, plus the added perks of being able to order from their phone or the web.

  • Integrated Food Ordering Kiosk
  • Integrated Digital Menu Boards & Signage
  • Integrated Web Ordering App
  • Detailed reporting
  • Multi store management
  • Eliminate lines
  • Reduce labor
  • Quick and easy checkout