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Beer Distributor
Alberta POS makes your life simple with automated LCB Reports. Gain more control of your Inventory and reduce compliance risk. Reduce the time you spend on REPORTING and DATA ENTRY. Alberta POS always makes sure a fast and accurate report every-time.

Alberta POS simplifies your life by helping you manage your business from anywhere with a internet access. Keep track of everything from POS to inventory with our mobile application.

Key Features:

-LCB Malt Beverage Reports
-Age Verification
-Real-time Backups
-Wholesale Distributor Invoicing
-Unlimited Items and Promotions
-Cloud-based Access
-Cashier Touch Screen
-Customer Promotion Screen
-Credit Card Integration
-Back-office Integration
-Easy New Product Entry
-Training and Support
-12 Pack Inventory Management

-Maximize Sales and Inventory Turnover
-Maximize Promotional Opportunities
-Forecast Inventory Sales
-Reduce Fraudulent Transactions and Risk
-Mitigate Age Compliance Incidents
-Control Credit Card Fraud Risk
-Control Data Errors and Recovery
-Save Data Entry Time
-Increase Productivity
-Manage Your Business from Anywhere with internet
-Train on your schedule
-Secure, Complete and Scalable Solution
-Lower Cost of Ownership

LCB Reports

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